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we started our clinic in chittur, palakkad is only for Treatment for Blood Cancer (Leukaemia) in 199, Blood cancer is completely curable disease. Now we are getting all most all types of cancer patients.

Treatment for Gall Bladder stone. Removal of Gall bladder is not necessary stone can be removed with our Herbal medicines.

Asthma: No need to take chemical contained Medicines life time. Asthma is completely curable. Good solution for Psoriasis & prostate problems. In diabetic Patients amputation of legs and Palms is not necessary even Insulin dependent patients. We get complete control with our herbal medicines TAO-THROMBO SMOKING ANGITIES OBLITERANCE.

Now we are doing Research in AIDS (Accquired immune Deficiency Syndrome) Name itself shows the cause. We understand more intake of Allopathic Medicines - decreases - immunty. Especially - Antipyretic (paracetamole etc...) Antibiotics - Increases - WBC count Decreases RBC count - Decreases -platelets - After some years it may be wonder that a person not having Leukaemia ( Blood Cancer).

Secondary factor: HIV - Virus - Having only sceond position. A woman having aids - doing sexual intercourse with 10 men or a men having aids doing sexual intercourse with 10 women. All are not getting aids - only immune deficient men - prone to aids.



There is no Internal Medicine for Heart block in Western System. After Bye-pass surgery or Angioplasty patient is afraid to take fatty foods like chicken, egg, mutton, beef etc. All patients are taking allopapatthic pills for cholesterole. Almost all patients doing excersises walking, swimming etc... Almost all patients follows the Diet told by the doctor which is fat or cholestrole less f oods.

Every month patient check the cholestrole level and it will be below the normal, range. After 6 years or 7 years. Almost 99% of the patients after Bye Pass surgery and Angioplasty develope the same. Heart Block -

Note: Patient is not having cholestrole below normal range. So what is the importance of cholesterole in Heart Block. We started here cholestrole is having little importance in Heart Block. With our Herbal medicines Heart Block can be completely cured.

Effective Treatment without surgery for Angima, Ishchemic Heat disease, Heart Block. Heart Block after byepass surgery & Angioplasty.